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How Do I Use It?

But look closely, as the results might be reviewed only by a couple of people. As long as you sign up, you can also save your search parameters for next time.

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If you prefer a different interface, try Jungle Search. The core issue with both of these right now is that neither offers search capabilities for international versions of Amazon.

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They just work on its American iteration. But is it a good deal? Will it save you money? But do keep an eye on them both as international counterparts are planned. The online store began as a great way of finding popular items — DVDs, books, and music — cheaper than in a high-street shop. Read More online. From this, it compiles a shopping list. For instance, did you know it has a section devoted to original art? In fact, lots of these departments have specialized webpages that are far more aesthetically appealing than the plain Amazon homepage.

There, you can check out subcategories: Fashion , for instance, boasts sections for Women, Men, Boys, Girls, Babies, and the latest trends. Pretty neat, eh? Use three or four instead. Do you use Advanced Search? What further tips have you got? Your email address will not be published. Consumer fatigue is real, what with s or ,s of choices on Amazon. I often get products that have nothing to do with my search.


I searched on Amazon. I got 50, results, with backpacks, wallets, shirts, shin sleeves, underwear, baseball caps, suspenders etc populating the first page.

There's not even a little X in the corner -- to click and remove an irrelevant result from the list. That's why Amazon really needs competition. I find that true as well, and in fact went in search of instructions to allow me to search Amazon more effectively. One of my biggest beef with the search function is the inability to eliminate products with undesired qualities, e.

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I can't type in "-faux". Amazon just uses that as another search term. Back to eBay, it seems. Amazon, fix this issue. One caveat if you are looking for a type of product rather than a specific product - some advanced search options only show up after you have picked a department and some similar products are listed in different departments.

Doing multiple advanced searches for the product in multiple departments may benefit your search. When you know exactly what you want, you can Google it. Just add the site operator. I found your book after adding the author; I was amazed at how many authors have written "Pigs Might Fly" by searching for:. Top Deals.

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William lockie cashmere beanie

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